Meet Linvy Thein.

Linvy Thein was born in Burma and moved to Thailand refugee camp when she was four years old because of the Civil War. She grew up in Thailand refugee camp with no electricity and no running water. She spent her time in refugee camp over 14 years and her family moved to America, Minnesota in 2011. In her childhood, she spent most of her time practicing weaving from her mom, and sometimes by herself when her mom is not around. She got better and improved until she could do it by herself. This is how she was learning how to weave and how to make a different kind of clothes. She knows that weaving is a part of Karen culture and it’s very important for her to pass it down from generation to generation. She believes that preserving culture is important because many cultures in the United States are struggling to survive, due to becoming Americanized. As a result, passing on and teaching about our culture and Karen traditional weaving can keep it alive. That is why learning more about my own language and teaching my culture can help me bring back a tradition that is fading or was once lost.

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