Meet Ahmay Ya.

Ahmay Ya came here as a Karen refugee from Burma when she was 19 years old. Ahmay graduated from Metropolitan University with a Bachelors of Social Work and graduated from University of Minnesota with her Masters of Social Work. Ahmay completed both degrees and specialized in children and families in child welfare services as a Title IV-E scholar. 

Ahmay published a Karen folktale book “the bird and the sun” through a MN Humanity Center grant. Ahmay volunteered and assisted one of her community members to become a member of the board on the Council of Asian Pacific Minnesotans in 2013 who was appointed by governor Dayton.

Ahmay has assisted local nonprofits organizations such as Karen Organization of MN and Urban Village with connecting them to the University of MN for Karen youth chemical dependency research. Ahmay assisted the Urban Village to connect with the Loa Assistance Center to help support woman’s health in the Karen community. Ahmay has worked with the Minnesota Historical Society.

Ahmay has worked with the Karen community members in a variety of ways to ensure they are advancing in Minnesota. Never one to let others fail Ahmay has assisted Karen community members to find employment, assisted community members with obtaining their citizenship and assisted with providing donations to those in need within the Karen community.

Ahmay has been a Ramsey County Child Protection Social Worker since 2018. Prior to working for Ramsey County. Ahmay has experience in working for non-profit and for-profit agencies in health and human service settings. Ahmay is a strong advocate for the needs of the Karen community. 

My mission is to bring information about the Karen refuges community to Minnesotans. To this end I will provide a history of the Karen. I will provide information about their beliefs, culture, family dynamic, how to work with them to achieve success and what barriers exist between the service providers and the Karen people.
My vision is to provide a clear understanding and allow the Karen to successfully join Minnesotans society. This will provide a valuable resource for both the people of Minnesota as well as the Karen refugees population which has recently moved to Minnesota. 

My quote:

What will make my life most meaningful here on Earth? I want to continue to find, to develop my skills and talents to their fullest potential. This is in services to the earth and all its people and cultures. This should help us live in peace with each other and in balance with all the other life forms and creatures. 

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